Learn How To:

Manage Projects Like a Boss

In this course, you’ll learn how to manage projects more effectively, both solo and as a team leader. Because your agency’s only as good as its creative process.

The Project Management course consists of comprehensive video and written content that will teach you how to hold your team (and yourself) accountable, as well as structure your agency for success. It includes:

Project Management Study Guide

Project Timeline Worksheet

Project Brief Templates

Organizational Hierarchy Samples

Hiring Study Guide

Does That Sound Good? Well, There’s More …

The Project Management course is just one part of our five-course Butler Box curriculum. And if you purchase the entire Butler Box, you’ll learn not just how to manage your agency, but also how to:

  • Position your agency properly.
  • Market to your ideal clients.
  • Close high-ticket sales (before submitting a proposal).
  • Guide clients through our proven discovery process.

While you can absolutely buy and complete each Butler Box course individually, we know you’ll get the best results from completing all five courses. Together, they will help you truly transform your agency. And if you buy all five courses now, you’ll receive a 10% discount!

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Level Up Your Agency

We’ve been where you are – and we know you should ACT NOW to level up your agency! Take the first step by learning how to manage projects like a boss, and start doing the creative work you’ve always dreamed of.